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On this page you find informations and hyperlinks to name and family Verderber which do not fit in the other pages or are too incomplete.

The name Ferderber in the film

There are at least two films where the name Ferderber plays a role:

Students at Graz (Styria, Austria)

Georg Verderber seems to have been the only Gottscheer Verderber which studied during the years 1586–1885 at the university of Graz. He was born in Nesseltal and began studying philosophy in 1803 (see

Verderber in Slovenia

There are some sources in Slovene language which concern obviously to non-communist members of Resistance during the Second World War. Because of insufficient knowledge of the Slovenian language here are only given some life dates without details. Who has more detailed information or translations to German or English, may please announce himself to us.

Persons from Jelševnik (Jelscheunik) near Črnomelj (Tschernembl) murdered during and after the war by communist leaded partisans (see

Further solitary fates (see

There are also the following Slovene sources to history and genealogy:

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