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The emigrants to America

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There are some family members who emigrated to America, namely the United States. The public sources in the internet seem to be sparse. The published immigration lists are surely incomplete.

The lists of immigrants leaving their ships in New York on Ellis Island are helpful. You get them at Unfortunately they only cover the time from 1892 to 1924, and they have plenty of clerical mistakes. That is not astonishing when hand-written lists are registered. Therefore the surnames are often wrong, and also the village names of the Gottschee county are sometimes past recognition. Luckily the original passenger lists are published, too, although sometimes the wrong lists are shown.

A query for surnames containing the character string “erderb” delivers 319 records, which probably mostly concern Verderbers in different spellings. The query result is filed into a separate page: Immigrants passing Ellis Island with “erderb” (state of 9/3/2003).

An example from the list are the immigrants from the ship “La Savoie” which arrived on 14 or 15/8/1903 at New York coming from Le Havre (France) (NARA film T715, roll 383) (look also at, but the names there are wrong written):

Surely there are more Verderber in the lists hidden behind other spellings, which you cannot guess easily.

The naturalisation list of Cuyahoga County around Cleveland at the Erie lake in the state Ohio tells five entries from the same period (look at with more details):

Name, Address Birth Immigration Naturalisation
George Verderber
Platt Street, Cleveland, Ohio
23/4/1853 Germany 23/12/1890 30/10/1900
John Verderber
East 39th Street, Cleveland, Ohio
22/6/1889 Austria 11/4/1900 New York 10/9/1914
Josef Verderber
Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
15/9/1886 Austria 19/10/1899 New York 13/2/1914
Joseph Verderber
Townsend Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
31/1/1890 Yugoslavia 8/6/1906 New York 2/10/1924
Rudolph Verderber
Hoadley Street, Cleveland, Ohio
12/1/1877 Austria 28/5/1891 2/11/1900

From the period before some immigrants from Austria, Galicia and Poland 1890 to New York are known (look at

The ships probably started in Hamburg or Bremen (Germany), what is indicated by the names of the ships (which are from rivers in northern Germany). The same source in the internet shows that a Verderber was naturalised in Minnesota. Further information is not public, so that even the given name is unknown.

There is an Verderber mentioned in a real estate transaction 1859 in the state of Mississippi, and therefore Verderbers existed who emigrated to the United States before 1890 (The transaction should be documented on the CD ACD-0027 which can be bought at Furthermore there are some private homepages where baptisms and similar events are mentioned.

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