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Jakob Verderber, arrived on 7/3/1890 in New York

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David Verderber, State of Ohio, United States of America, 30.8.2001 – Abstract

Original message (shortened):

My name is David Verderber. I found your website today. My great-grandfather on my father’s side is Jakob Verderber. ...

Do you know any additional information about Jakob? Was he from the Jewish branch of the family?


Here is no additional information about Jakob Verderber who is mentioned in the list of the emigrants to America (Arrival in New York on 7/3/1890 with the ship “Lahn”). It is to assume that he more or less directly emigrated from the Gottschee to America via Germany.

Who has information about Jakob Verderber or the Jewish family branch? Please answer us! The information will be sent on.

Electronic mail: Briefkasten under Verderber in org.

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