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Thomas Verderber, Retz and the Verderber House

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Alfred Kraker, Austria, 29.12.2001

Translation of the original German message:

Dear readers of the Verderber pages!

My name is Alfred Kurt Andreas Kraker, and I have a second residence near Retz (Austria). The Verderbers respectively the Verderber House are playing the following role in the history of my family:

The father of my father (the latter: Andreas Johann Georg, born 8.10.1900), thus my grandfather, Johann v. Gott Kraker, born 25.2.1854, came to Retz as a young man from the crown county Krain, diocese Laibach, Gottschee, Nesselthal No. 29.

Reason: His father (my great grandfather), Andreas Kraker (born 28th March 1823, Nesselthal No. 29) was the son of Andreas Kraker (born 11th January 1797, Nesselthal No. 44), thus of my great great grandfather, and of Maria Verderber (her parents: Andreas Verderber and Maria Jonke), married Kraker (born 15.1.1797, Nesselthal No. 24). Therefore he tried to reach a good starting position as a merchant with the help of his relative Thomas Verderber, the successful merchant at Retz.

My Grandfather later got in fact merchant at Gunthersdorf, near Retz, wherefore my father was born there. Three times he went for several years to the USA, wherefore a part of my family is living there – now already the third generation. But he died in Austria, wherefore my father lived in Austria until his death, and I live there, too.

My deceased aunt (from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) showed me (during a visit, about 1965) in connection with the Verderber family the name of a Mrs. Kraker in the cemetery chapel at Retz.

There are notes of my grandfather that five brothers emigrated to Gottschee, Nesselthal, very long ago (1450–1600?), among them a direct ancestor of me, Jakob Kraker from Bautzen in the Lausitz region (today Germany, near Dresden), because of the religious disorders. In fact, the counts of Ortenburg played a role in Bautzen as well as in Gottschee what eventually proves that story. The mentioned aunt told me also that one of our ancestors was a nobleman, but clear documents are missing.

At all events the nearness to Retz has an actual meaning for me also by the place of my home.

Messages to Alfred Kraker can be sent to us. They will be sent on.

Electronic mail: Briefkasten under Verderber in org.

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Willi Rupp, Austria, 16/3/2002

Translation of the original German message:


I am a collector of picture postcards. I found your interesting page and send you and all Verderbers a photograph (9 x 13,5 cm) from Retz with the shop “Thomas Verderbers Neffen” (Nephews of Thomas Verderber) from the time of the national socialism.

Much joy with this!

Greetings from Vorarlberg


Electronic mail: willi.rupp under vol in at

P. S.: I would sell the photograph if someone is interested (or I would change it against a nice picture postcard from Vorarlberg). The photograph is much better and sharper than the scanned copy!

Postcard: The Verderber House in Retz about 1940.


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