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Jeanmarie Andrews, State of New York, United States of America, 10/12/2004

English original message (with little modifications):

Hello from New York!

My great-grandmother emigrated from Kerndorf, Austria to Brooklyn, New York in the year 1900. She joined many family members who had already emigrated from Kerndorf, and most of the family then moved on to Cleveland, Ohio USA. She stayed in New York and raised a family. Here are the family members we have confirmed are related to us:

There are more (Georg, Alois, Josefina, Maria, Franz, Josef, Hermann, Frieda, Johann) that we know are related but we haven’t yet established the exact relationship to Magdalena.

If anyone can make a connection from Kerndorf we would be very happy! You may post this in English, please – I do not speak German well. Thank you!


Jeanmarie Andrews (Andres – von Plana, Boehm), New York.

Electronic mail: jandrews225 under verizon in net.


Kerndorf belonged to the Mitterdorf parish in the Gottschee region.

About Verderbers from Kerndorf there is only known here what is written in the registration card-index of the former imperial-royal police direction of the city Graz (Styria) in Austria for the years 1892–1925 (see About the origin of the family). There are registered the following four men who were born in Kerndorf:

Furthermore the file-card of a Verderber born in Brooklyn possibly concerns a related person:

Of course Brooklyn was a popular emigration destination for people from the Gottschee, so there need not exist any provable relation.

If you know more about the Verderbers from Kerndorf, tell it also to us in order that we can complete this statements.

Electronic mail: Briefkasten under Verderber in org.

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